Saturday, May 10, 2008

Coco Curry is currrrryy good...

Another good place to eat in Shanghai.
It's in the Nanjing Pedestrian Street area. We went for lunch and it was crowded. We were greeted by this wonderful waiter, he was cheerful and very helpful indeed to sit all 6 of us. Rarely found in China.
But anyway, Coco Curry have a very unique way of ordering your meal. They let you choose how much rice you would like to have, then your choice of curry: I had Vegetable (Eggplant and Spinach), but feel free to pick amongst the selection of Chicken, Pork, Beef, Seafood and many many more! Then, decide how spicy you want it to be, and any additional sides: Cheese, Egg, etc.

Then, they have this big jar of pickled ginger, you can have it as much as you want! Currrry good...

Our big Coco group on our long medieval-ish dining table

If you could make an origami boat, don't boast yourself. Andreas managed to make a SPEED boat out of a questionnaire sheet. Watch and learn indeed....

Wagas Round 2

I can't get enough of Wagas.
So, since Nina is here, I have to share with her the fabulous meal of Wagas.
This time, we got the salad. It's filled with glorious lettuce, tomatoes, olivessss, falafels, baba ganoush, Greek cheese and tabouleh, dressed with Hummus. It was gooood...

Above the Sea

Ever wonder how big Shanghai is?
Is a biiiiiiiig city from above, as we see it from the top of JinMao Tower.
Supposedly the 3rd tallest building in the world.


The new Nike I.D. Store at People's Sq.
Looking goood...