Monday, June 14, 2010

Double O

About a month ago, I and a bunch of other wall painters stormed down to Double O.
Thanks to Francesca Liam, we got the chance to collaborate for their new spot at Queen St.
OneTwoDelta, ClogTwo and Dhiya were amongst the group. I am really really excited to be working with them.

I got to paint the toilets!!
My first toilet! Hey, it's the best lit spot in a club and people are ALWAYS lining up. There you go, my murals will definitely have its crowd. I had a lot of fun working on it, as always... And check out the glass door stickers. The printer did a GREAT job printing and installing them.

So, anytime you visit Singapore, come to Double O la... Drink drink can, check out my toilet also caaaan :)



I know... I haven't been here for a while. bad bad bad...

Been working on some murals for kid rooms! But I can't show them just yet. Patient is a virtue. I will spill later. BUT, last week was a lot of fun, and this I can share with y'all...

6 of us, local artists are engaged in Iluma AIR Project. Iluma is a shopping center in Bugis area. Their mission is all about art and youth. Every week there will be a flea market and one artist will paint a big piece of art right there at the entrance. Kind of like a live art performance...

The theme is Creative Consumerism, just in time for GSS. I came up with a conclusion that whatever involves shopping, your wallet will never big enough. You've got (more like... I've got) more eyeballs than dollars. There you go, I made bunch of eyeballs and finish it with golden glitters. Yum.

Thanks Lizzy, for keeping me company, you're the sweetest :)