Monday, June 30, 2008

上有天, 下有杭州

Last weekend, 4 girls went out to visit Hangzhou.
There is a saying, that up above there is heaven, and below there is Hangzhou and Suzhou. Well... It is definitely true. Hangzhou is a beauuuutiful place. 2 days are not enough to explore the whole city. We took a 1.5 hour train ride from Shanghai South Station (A fabulous, very modern station, by the way... If only the people there are not pushing me around) arrived at Hangzhou by 9 am. The weather was not very good when we got there, but that didn't stop us. Luckily, the second day, the rain stopped and we can see the gorgeous view of the city. Here are some souvenirs...

7 am at Shanghai South Railway Station

6 Harmonies Pagoda

The view from the pagoda... Too bad it was raining, so all we could see was foggy city of Hangzhou

Taking a sip of Hangzhou's famous Longjing Tea. 650 RMB for a pound of that tea, better drink up until the last drop of it... By the way, we finished that tea and then the lady told us the price. Yeap... we didn't bring home any.

The tea plantation

Meirry taking her time at the Temple

The view of Xihu (West Lake)

Lunch at an old town