Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Mural!

Another Mural for Happy Bridge Preschool.
This one is for the entrance.

The challenge: find a big scaffolding construction so I can go paint that high.

After many phone calls, I finally found a group of construction workers who are willing to build me one. Yaaaay!! *Anyone who needs scaffolding, or just great construction people, I will share with you the number of the laoban, Mr. Zhen - very efficient, fair, and surprisingly not a loud person.

here it is! I feel that I should show you the scaffolding itself.
And that bamboo weaving sheet is supposedly to keep me "safer"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Bridge

New mural project!

This time is in Shanghai, for Happy Bridge, a very cute trilingual preschool in Hong Qiao.
Done in 2 days, right in time for their Sunday Open House.

Come visit if you're in the area (it's inside the area of New Garden Hotel 新箢兵倌 at 1900 虹桥路)