Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ferragamo is Fabulouso...

So after brunch, we took a walk down Nanjing Road until we reach People's Square.
Our destination is Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) to visit Salvatore Ferragamo's 80th Anniversary Exhibition.
I have to tell you, this guy is pretty awesome!
Originally from Italy, moved up to Boston, then Santa Barbara in the 20's and started his career by making shoes for Hollywood movies... And if I have to mention one name for the word 'avant-garde', Ferragamo is the man!

Let me start the walkthru...

These are the shoes from his early movies, Hercules...
They're so beautiful, I would wear them in my sleep.

He got so famous that quite a lot wealthy and powerful people from around the world asked his talent to create a custom made shoes for them. Like Maharani. A collection for Maharani of Cooch Behar in 1938. This collection was recreated on 2003 for the opening of Ferragamo flagship store in Ginza.
Maharani herself sent a bunch of gems, diamonds, etc. to Ferragamo in order to be put on the collection. Aren't they pretty...

Next is for the famous Lady Di.
It's a set of classic black bag and shoes.

And then, of course, a whole collection of flat shoes for Audrey Hepburn in 1954

And Marilyn Monroe,

Katherine Hepburn...

not forgetting a wonderful pair of shoes for Andy Warhol...

And the gorgeous ones for Judy Garland in 1938.

All the models for his famous clients

His creations are timeless...

Handpainted boots

Well, since this exhibition is like a tribute to Ferragamo, there is one room of artworks inspired by his works.

And a huge chandelier made out of all the perfume bottles of Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo lines include bags and clothing collection

Although his shoes, bags and jackets are beautiful, I don't have to like all of his clothing line. Some of them are just too... crowded with animals and shoeprints...
No, they are not good for wallpaper either...

Nevertheless, Salvatore Ferragamo is my new idol.

Saturday Brunch

Nothing beats a good Saturday Brunch.
This week, we visited Wagas at CITIC Square (Across Plaza 66 at Nanjing Xi Road)
I had their pumpkin-spinach-coriander-Swisscheese Panini. It is super delicious! Completed with a glass of Wagas Ice Tea: Ginger Ale, Tea and crushed ice. Perfect.

Hans ordered a big serving of Caesar Salad. I have to say, it is one of the best if not biggest salad...

My new pets

Swarovski just launched a new line of "The Gang of Dogs".
Cute little (expensive) dogs made out of Swarovski crystals.
I love the black ones. Later on, when I have some money to splurge, maybe I'll adopt them.

Jing'An Temple

Throw in coins for goodluck!

Jing'An Temple is located in the city. Right at Jing'An area, next to a mall.
It's quite big, I think... And more in construction.

De Viering van Koninginnedag

My Dutch friend, Martijn, invited us to attend the Dutch Queen's Birthday party in Shanghai.
Took place at Creek Art at Guang Fu Road.
Noo.. The queen was not there, of course. But I can't complain for the great food and drinks.

And that's us in front of the famous Orange Cow...

Indian in China

Last Friday, we found a very good Indian restaurant. At least, that's what I thought of the Rice and the Naan Cheese Bread.
It was huge and delicious.

Anyway, the restaurant is called Kaveen's Kitchen. Owned by an Indian and it has also Indian waiter who can only speak very little Chinese. It's located at Jing'An Area. Just a little walk across the bridge after Jing'An temple.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dr. Seuss, Ni hao...

After raining all day yesterday, today, the sun is out and the breeze is just too nice to be wasted.
So I took a walk to the nearest bookstore. Guess what I found...

A small collection of Dr. Seuss' books... in Chinese!!
What better way to learn other than from Dr. Seuss. So if you excuse me, I am now going to have a quiet moment with Horton.

The Bund

I know I have shown you the Pudong side. But finally, one nice Sunday, we went to the riverside and see the famous Shanghai landscape.

And do it like Mao...

Brazilian Steak

Last month, we all went to Brazil. A Brazilian steakhouse in Jing'an area.
You pay 88 Yuan for all kinds of meat to be served on your plate, or 188 Yuan for Beef only.
The meat is okay (as I am not a meat-eater, this is suppose to be a compliment), salad is great, but dessert is not so hot a.k.a. I won't eat it ever again...
But for any of you never heard of Brazilian steakhouse, this is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with this Brazilian guy going around with a huge skewer of meat and never stop giving you meat! 

Occasionally, he will say "Quack, quack!" that means, he's going to serve some duck... Which look the same as beef, or pork, or lamb when it's already on the skewer.

Catching Up

Hi again...
Sorry for the lazy update.

since the last time, I had been going around Shanghai again. And seeing the different sides of the places we've visited.
I have to tell you, it's great! Like when I found out about this building in Yuyuan Garden, (yep, that famous tourist destination...) that will keep you there for like, ever! It did that to me. It's filled with TOYS! Anykind of toys that you can imagine: Mario, Luigi, Doraemon, Pucca, Anime characters, Tofu Oyako, and many many more! Including tin toys like these...

(Picture courtesy of Sanchia)

I have been going there every weekend! And yes, coming home with something nice of course...
The building is at the end of Fuyou Road, just right across from Renaissance Hotel. You can't miss it.

Turns out, there are more to see at the back of Yuyuan Garden. Like the classic Chinese pinup girl posters!! OH, they are gorgeous! I got this one. Yes, I know she's Japanese, but you know what kind of posters I'm talking about.

And also,
some bits of Yuyuan back alley.