Saturday, April 19, 2008

Catching Up

Hi again...
Sorry for the lazy update.

since the last time, I had been going around Shanghai again. And seeing the different sides of the places we've visited.
I have to tell you, it's great! Like when I found out about this building in Yuyuan Garden, (yep, that famous tourist destination...) that will keep you there for like, ever! It did that to me. It's filled with TOYS! Anykind of toys that you can imagine: Mario, Luigi, Doraemon, Pucca, Anime characters, Tofu Oyako, and many many more! Including tin toys like these...

(Picture courtesy of Sanchia)

I have been going there every weekend! And yes, coming home with something nice of course...
The building is at the end of Fuyou Road, just right across from Renaissance Hotel. You can't miss it.

Turns out, there are more to see at the back of Yuyuan Garden. Like the classic Chinese pinup girl posters!! OH, they are gorgeous! I got this one. Yes, I know she's Japanese, but you know what kind of posters I'm talking about.

And also,
some bits of Yuyuan back alley.

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