Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Morning Class!


Another mural. In the same month that I'm back in town!

Murkin and Murkin back in business and yes,
"We're soo professional!"

Here is a sneak peek of a mural that Sanchia and I have done for a T Shirt shop at Plaza Indonesia, T-Lab.
Awesome concept where you can make T shirt by selecting the shirt, the image you want to be added on it and bosch bosch bosch... ta daaaa! A brand new T-shirt just for you.

What we did is, we put our thinking cap for a week, grab some chalks and we calculate all the possible equations needed to make a great mural, and... wait, this is s great mural! We left it on the wall.
So, hear hear people...

The store is softly opened on Wednesday, the 6th
Go there, get your T-shirt and try to finish the equations we had there.

[All-around image from the making-of]

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