Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Old School Delights

It all started last night.
Shysi and I went to Old School Delights for dinner and I saw this huge chalkboard wall they have inside this cozy eatery. I want to do something with it. Draw on it, write on it, something...

Thought I should write them. So I did! Olivia, the owner, wrote back almost immediately. I'm glad she's on board with the idea of me drawing on her wall. Tonight I came back there, met Olivia and went straight to work! Starting with a small signage board in front of the store, I definitely found a new hobby! Olivia even treat me dinner: a big plate of yummy mee siam and fresh lime juice - One of the best client ever... :)

I will definitely come back for more writings, bigger board hopefully.
Here are some of the detailed pictures.

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